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Our succinct, multilingual assessments use predictive and correlative indicators to efficiently establish a baseline of current gaps and potential risk areas. These provide critical inputs for setting strategic objectives, charting mitigation plans, and targeting limited resources.


We're not a survey but a diagnostic tool that uses proprietary questions and analytics to expose risk areas and provide the data needed to address them.  Assess one area, two, or several.  Do it once or year-over-year to establish incremental internal improvements and ROI of mitigation activities.  With six ready-to-launch, confidential assessments to choose from, or customized options available, you're covered.

Bribery and Corruption

Assess your organization's global risk areas related to FCPA, UKBA, and more. 


Uncover weak points and practices and gain insights to effect change.

Third-Party Risk

Working with third parties is necessary, but so is evaluating your program to oversee them. 


Is your work environment fostering and promoting a constructive culture for all? 


Security threats don't only come from the outside. Pinpoint yours. 

Employee Retention

A successful strategy starts with a deep understanding of attitudes, needs, and hurdles.


We're with you

We've walked in your shoes and have helped countless others navigate the risk maze. 


That's why we designed B3OND to be simple and flexible - for organizations and employees, from launch to recommendations.


We work the way modern companies work.  We're nimble, to the point, and cost-sensitive. Our products function on any device, and they're available in multiple languages for a global workforce.


We don't create bundles you don't need. We don't require our diagnostic assessments be part of a larger engagement that takes months and sizable resources. 


We understand that some companies want to take their recommendations and run with them, while others would like assistance getting them implemented or additional remediation support. If you want a helping hand, our expert team is at the ready.


Whatever you choose, we're with you.

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