B3OND surveys are crafted for today's workforce: succinct, multi-lingual, and available across all devices.  They're designed to get at the key elements of an issue and uncover correlative issues and risk areas in 20 questions or fewer, taking up minimal employee time.  All while being cost-effective, easy to deploy, and providing actionable business guidance. 

We're helping you take your side-of-desk efforts B3OND.


Sexual Harassment

It is crucial for employers to root out sexual harassment in their companies and get ahead of any impending scandals or lawsuits.  B3OND's Sexual Harassment survey and the resulting data provides important insights to effect change from within an organization and help your business demonstrate it takes these issues seriously and is willing to evolve.

We offer a general assessment as well as versions specifically designed for the hospitality, entertainment, and tech industries.

Corporate Culture

Is your work environment fostering a culture of ethics and integrity? The first step in avoiding potentially embarrassing missteps is to measure and understand the forces operating behind the scenes.

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)

Assess your organization's risk areas related to international bribery and corruption.

Third Party Risk

Working with third parties is necessary, but so is evaluating your program to oversee them.  B3OND: Third Party Risks uncovers your weak points to focus resources and pro-active management efforts.

Custom Survey

Don't see what you need?  Our list of surveys is always growing, and custom surveys can be designed upon consultation.

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